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The widespread use of modern materials, especially in the aerospace industry, has given rise to many new questions regarding their reliability and methods for their non-destructive testing and characterization. The substitution of singular materials, like aluminum, by composite materials, especially carbon fiber reinforced plastics, requires the development of advanced testing methods.

In April 2005 the project "Development Center for Non-destructive Testing of New Materials in Aerospace", ("ZeLuR") was authorized at the "Technikum Neue Materialien" in Fürth. This project with a term of 4 years is funded by the Free State of Bavaria with the aid of the Objective 2 Programme Bavaria 2002 – 2006 of the European Union.

This project is addressing the various demands of different methods for the non-destructive testing of those new materials in the aerospace industry. Its focus is on the most commonly used techniques in this area, namely x-ray, ultrasonic, optical and thermal inspection and testing.

To strengthen the scientific foundation of these new NDT methods and applications this symposium will be held in December 2008.

Development Center X-ray Technology EZRT
Dr. Randolf Hanke

German Society for Nondestructive Testing
Dr. Matthias Purschke

This symposium intends to address scientific issues in the field of Non-Destructive Testing in Aerospace.

During the two days, different aspects and methods will be presented and discussed. You will have the opportunity to attend sessions addressing thermography, ultrasound, optics and all aspects of X-ray testing as well as structural health monitoring, reliability and adhesive bonding. Moreover the latest results of the project "ZeLuR" specifically designed to address various aspects of NDT in aerospace will be presented.

You will also have the opportunity to exhibit and present your own NDT related Research and Development results in a poster session during the conference.

Conference Secretariat

Mrs. Steffi Schäske
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Zerstörungsfreie Prüfung e.V.
German Society for Nondestructive Testing
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Stadthalle Fürth

Stadthalle Fürth
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  • The "open part" of the 5th European Forum of NANDTB will be held in the lecture hall "Kleiner Saal".
  • The poster exhibition will be integrated in to the companies' exhibition, contrary to former agreements.
  • The 5th European Forum of NANDTB will be held in the room “Wintergarten”.